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It was outright stated that Teach couldn’t dent S Hawk lol. Which means Teach tried but failed miserably.

Do you know what the word “defense” means Erkant lol? It means of course Sentomaru wasn’t trying to hurt Kizaru, because he was defending
Teach simply buried him and BFRed him without Quake DF. Lizaru can't even BFR a wounded Sento.

'L'eeant, Sento can't defend by using Axe? Do you even know how to block attacks by using weapons? :gokulaugh:

Poor Zolo, he is too dumb, he shouldn't use Swords to block Kaido and BM attacks.


I will never forgive Oda
>Kizaru clearly sees Sentoumaru as friend
>Kizaru doesn’t think Saturn can handle the sea beasts
Bad day for admirals haters.
They outright tanked an attack from Sabo lol. The Gorosei are going to be monsters in their own rights, Kizaru is merely being cautious / courteous to Saturn's own conditions. He doesn't want to be revealed right now and Kizaru was unwilling to let others deliver Saturn his lunch. His security is 110% Kizaru's goal.
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