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They outright tanked an attack from Sabo lol. The Gorosei are going to be monsters in their own rights, Kizaru is merely being cautious / courteous to Saturn's own conditions. He doesn't want to be revealed right now and Kizaru was unwilling to let others deliver Saturn his lunch. His security is 110% Kizaru's goal.
Everybody is tanking flames nowadays. They had no CoO to know Sabo was there. They couldn't captured Wapol or half dead Sabo. Even Cobra tanked an attack from Imu. They would use bullets to kill him.
It's no surprise that S-Snake falls in love with Luffy because obviously the Seraphims retains some or maybe all of their memories from their Original(e.g. fighting moves, style) when they are created:kayneshrug:

Gorosei Informer

I need a clown emote reaction for posts like yours.
You need self awareness and a sense of irony desperately. Maybe don't be so quick to respond and actually try to understand what I said.

Or continue doing the same as you do for the Admirals, letting most stuff fly over or own head for your own petty, childish, ignorant biases.

I may as well say nothing because you'll ignore it, double down and keep using ad hominens as you know you're wrong and can't accept it.

Bias is a hell of a drug.
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