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This might turn similar to WCI where they have to fight through for their escape

But that would still mean Luffy is gonna keep the major force at check (like he kept Kata) while rest open an escape

Maybe Vegapunk might order them as a mission to destroy the powerplant for the mother flame too because if they escape the WG is gonna have access to it

Or maybe BBP capture York

Unsure exactly what's gonna happen but it better be worth the event the narrator hyped it but we will see
Im sure Oda will make everyone fight but I’m pointing out that they don’t have to… Vegapunk listened to York tell the government that she gave the mother flame to them, and yet he seemingly still doesn’t give a fuck

the strawhats and friends seemingly don’t really care about the fact that there’s a nuke power plant in egghead… They don’t care that the seraphims were completely undamaged from everything they did and are now going to become government property

Oda will make everyone fight out of basically random circumstance but in reality no one cares about what they are fighting about… they’ll simply be fighting because the plot told them to
Let's put favourites aside for a moment. What happened to match ups and counters? Seems like the only time it actually mattered was when Luffy fought Enel.

Who's a better counter than Sanji to Kizaru? All that speed for nothing.
Although Luffy with his foresight does make sense too, I'd rather him fight Saturn. Oda maybe too busy with live action to write proper plot development though and that's why we only get breaks, side story chapters and setup chapters.
Trolling aside. I think every stan would want to fight kizaru hes a cool character and a good opponent so i don't blame any fan bases. IF the Gorosei are truly top tier fighters then it would make sense for luffy to fight him. But i get your point. Its just that Kizaru is so versatile that any one of the monster trio can be a good match up. Counter aside Kizaru compliments any one if there fighting style to hopefully make great choreography fight scenes/panels.
Bro you literally got bodied. Do they take away Luffy busting up enies Lobby, breaking out of prison, being Dragon son lmao. You got bodied keep Coping 🤡
You still being stupid Luffy was
never in prison during Shabody wtf are you talking :gokulaugh:

Moron the newspapers literally wrote Luffy destroyed Enies Lobby stop being stupid ZKktard you got bodied again. :kuzanshut:
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