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You still being stupid Luffy was
never in prison during Shabody wtf are you talking :gokulaugh:

Moron the newspapers literally wrote Luffy destroyed Enies Lobby stop being stupid ZKktard you got bodied again. :kuzanshut:
I ain't talking about Sabaody you dumb ass. I am talking about in general dummy. Luffy gets things cause of what he does. Just like for Crocodile they literally said its based on Logia, leadership and strength. You got bodied now Cope bMihawk 3.5 Cope like little girl you are
What I wanna know is how Sentoumaru is out here nearly dying to a casual attack from Lucci but casually tanking an attack from an Admiral

I thought you guys said “Admirals>>>Yonko”?
Lucci’s barely commander tier…….do you guys have an explanation for this or……..?
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I have never once stated that Admirals=Yonko.

1. Yonko are above admirals
2. Kizaru has a relationship with sentomaru so it makes sense him holding back

3. Lucci, koby and Kaku are all around commander level

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So why are BB pirates here and what will they get…
York as a new crewmate.

Caribou so Blackbeard learns of Pluton's location.

Keep in mind the Blackbeard Pirates showed up BEFORE we skipped ahead a day. If York gave them details on Egghead, it's possible they invaded the lab from a secret passage, and are already in it. If not, they're still outside the laser grid.

Also, since Hachinosu and Egghead are pretty close to each other, other Blackbeard Pirates could show up (besides Laffitte and Catarina).

Aokiji helping Vegapunk escape to protect the information of Ohara would be very interesting, IMO. Since he trained with Garp, I'd imagine Aokiji knows how to use Geppo/Sky Walk... he could probably get there within a day if he wanted to.

Also, we have no idea the limits of Van Auger's Warp Fruit, Blackbeard himself could show up, possibly.

Lot's of fun stuff Oda can do with the Blackbeard Pirates if he wants to. Blackbeard wants to become King of the World, him meeting a Gorosei here would be interesting.

CoC: Color of Clowns

We Shall Sail On Every Light Wave
To think of it how many logia vs logia fights are there? I can only think of Akainu vs Aokiji which was offscreen ofc and Crocodile attacking Akainu too?

Id love to see logia users fighting each other, especially if they dont have or use haki for some reason.

Oh wait Ace vs Akainu and also Kuzan too ofc.

Imagine Kizaru vs Caribou? That would be interesting lmao. If Oda doesn't ironically troll us and just have Kizaru actually using haki to stomp Caribou instantly like Pekoms did.
Blackbeard vs Ace, too. Blackbeard's Fruit is so weird it doesn't even seem like a Logia (hinting at it being something more).
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