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You dumb bitch bodied again and is so insecure you lie in signatures with my 3 years old quote :gokulaugh: You know you can't add that info because it makes ZKKtards looks stupid again:

Info: -This bounty prediction was made before Mihawk was known as Marine Hunter- @Franosuke can't add it because he and ZkKtards are liars dumb clowns.

Read it again bitch Just like Pre-TS Kid's bounty is boosted, Mihawk's bounty is boosted but still lower than Emperors :kuzanshut:
When you post the panel of the WG indicating marine hunting for Mihawk’s bounty I’ll gladly add it lmao

Until then it is your own headcanon because you can’t admit to being wrong just like Ndule
Kizaru says Sentomaru is his friend

Yonko fandom: Friends dont need to hold back. They fight to the death.

Kaido says he wont hold back against Yamatoe

Yonko fandom: He's clearly holding back!

The fucking hypocrisy :whitepress:
It's crazy how a person can be this wrong lmao, Kaido both stated he had the intent to kill Yamato and that he wouldn't go easy on her, yet you're claiming the opposite for both, I wasn't aware you were writing the manga.
You're lying


The only one who can beat me is me
Because their fists equally clashed with basic armament before Lucci got folded?
Because Luffy was so angry he busted out his strongest form off the bat, and because Nika looked like a raisin after their scuffle which involved Nika cheapshotting Lucci half the fight because his focus was on Sentomaru. And Lucci only walked away with the same damage Goofy and Zoro did after their seraphim scuffles.

Lucci is bodying your fave commander.
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