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@ShishioIsBack it does look like Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe are the ones closest to Kizaru so a clash between Zoro and Kizaru might happen before Goofy comes to steal the show
I hope Zoro fights Kizaru after Kizaru nearly kills Sanji and Jinbei
Then Zoro gets pissed and gets one zenkai boost and shit stomps Kizaru as after Zenkai Boost Zoro is Pirate King level+
Maybe he will be Ashura for unlimited time
Reading spoilers but not chapters :tchpepe:
tell me what do I lose after a full summary and raw scan drops.

Oda break are not helping anymore.
Like any other manga I can wait for month and even year for next chapter.
But not for one piece.
Maybe because of reading spoilers ..
I want to go back to being casual reader.
Once you engaged with this forum its near impossible to do that icl
If Zoro can't fight Kizaru, then no one else can.
Sanji with Invisibility.
Luffy with his foresight haki.
I don't even see Zoro as a good match up. Kizaru could shoot long range lasers and constantly teleport to stay at a safe distance. And Kizaru hasn't even used his awakening yet.

And I'm saying this despite finding Zoro to be a cool character and Kizaru rather crap I don't want to see. However Kizaru has his role in the story and the power he is granted through the plot is his, nobody can deny it.
No it's not. They asked the question and we've received the answer on multiple different occasions.

Swords have always been above fists in OP. That's how they've always been portrayed
You refusing early One Piece concepts doesn't make it not true.. It's been established in the series that Sword and Fist are equal..
AdCoC is proof of it.. They don't touch..
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