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Bro, Sanji was ready to fry Zoro alive for possibly hurting Bonney when she was inside the warm eddy.

You can’t possibly act like Sanji having no reaction to Stussy nearly dying in front of him is at all in character…
Its just a matter of a more accurate reaction. And he had a reaction, he simply didn't looked desperate, that has never been the case. Sanji looked pretty calm and cool against Vergo as i said, and Tashigi "called" for help in a way, just like Viola was calling for help deep down in a way

Sanji is always going to bicker with Zoro way more than the necessary anyways. It's their thing
Btw, we should not forget that Kizaru not only is an arc villain now, was present at MF and more than that at Sabaody, but got a past story with Vegapunk and was even in Otohime/FT FB.

So much for being not important, as someone said lol.
My favorite thing in the spoiler thread was the logic that Luffy cant fight Kizaru for real because he's "not a bad guy and isnt attacking people maliciously" when Katakuri literally exists in that context and we get this fucking page this week:

I think Lucci's words are because only he and Kizaru are within the dome currently, the rest of the VAs are still outside and can't enter until the dome is disabled.
Things definitely will go wrong too, watch. They are below the dome now and once the shield is disabled, either Kizaru will end up destroying Vegaforce or the crew wont be ready to launch the ship away from the island