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If Kizarus dies in this mission you can guarantee two things

1 - Luffys bounty becomes 4B-5B (he will get blamed)

2 - Akainu will go Ape Shit. No way to know what happens but Marines might become "a pirate crew". He surely won't accept being underneath the WG anymore.
The latter point is something Im hoping, that Akainu mobilizes his military after this (i assume defeating/killing an admiral is a declaration of war at that point), even if Luffy is only blamed for it.

I want to see Akainu involved in fighting the other Yonko, not just waiting for the would be PK
Oda really had to make people care about Sentomaru with that flashback just when he's on the verge of death huh.

Now i want him to survive at any cost
You're taking this too far and too literally bro, thats all

"No man should hurt a woman", and? That would stop Lucci, an assassin, from doing it? He knows their goal was killing Robin back in EL, and he defended her because she was a good person and was lying on purpose to leave the crew out of trouble.

He didn't beat up Lucci, but he went ahead and stopped Kaku from making a victim, then Zoro jumped on Lucci. I think there are many ways of reading this scene other than "omg why is Sanji not going crazy Ifrit Jambe Hells Memories right now".

That has never been the case, he didn't kept chasing Vergo to death for example, there were more important things to do at that moment and Sanji decided that by himself.
It’s not why isn’t Sanji going crazy, tell me why do you think Sanji didn’t at least acknowledge Stussy?

Taking the gun and capturing Kaku isn’t a reaction to Stussy falling. Vegapunk and Nami both yelled when Stussy fell, but someone who cares the most about women being hurt didn’t seem to mind? Like that’s the most wtf part.
He didn’t even say her name when she fell dude. Calmly borrowing the gun and trapping a bystander is not a Sanji move.

Sanji ran into Vergo yelling how he hears a woman’s tears. How is that calm?

Sanji yelled at Wadatsumi for almost falling on Nami and was pissed off.

Sanji was ready to beat up some random samurai harassing a woman in wano.

Sanji was going to beat the shit out of Niji for hurting Collette.

Like there’s not a single moment where Sanji sees a hurt woman and thinks “that’s okay she did it to herself.”
All the moments you named Zoro was not in the room….. Zoro is the X Factor you’re not thinking about. You know he feels the same way about women that Sanji does. And Sanji does not go off yelling every time he does something
Y’all are forgetting the layers to this character. He knows how to read a room.