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Sasaki Kojirō

"now that you've gained an ally, you're feeling much better?!" "you're under-estimating us too much!!"

Yeah, man, Zoro just said that Luffy easily takes down Kizaru, and Lucci is being foolish for thinking that Kizaru showing up here would change the tide in their favor.:steef:
Lucci about to get his ass beaten.
Still not a fan of Sanjis reaction to Stussy getting injured. Either he didn’t react or for some reason he called her Stussy Chan rather than Stussy Sama like last time. Either way feels off
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Stussys a goat tho.
Sanji maybe Devon, i also feel that something is off
Both Zoro & Sanji weren't there when Lucci attack
Genuinely not a bad guy. This will be a Katakuri type of fight.
Yeah he actually sounds like a cool dude but a very professional one. He has no choice here, his style and Luffy's style should give us a nice fight if Oda doesn't goof to much with G5. It'd be better to have a few chapters with G2/3 vs Kizaru then both use their awakenings for the final showdown