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It's because Lucci said "as long as me and Kizaru are here you'll all get destroyed" which is him basically saying he's on that level.
He definitely is. I'm just saying Sakazuki is above them.
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True. That's unacceptable and inappropiate. We should confront the person and tell them to have some decency and dignity. Maybe even report the person and ask them to remove the picture. He completely left out Stussy's butt. Who does that?
Very nice chapter.
I like it that the admirals are showing abilities beyond their broken df.
I like it that kizaru gave sentomaru a man's fight.
Child sentomaru is cute lol.
While sanji reacted perfectly with kaku, his behaviour was weird, even if lucci was too much for him and sanji knew that by sensing lucci's haki or whatever, he would still attack him for what he did to stussy with no questions asked.
It looks fishy but we could get sanji's reaction in the upcoming chapter.
I am super hyped about zoro vs lucci and i really hope to have a conclusion.
Zoro was like " let's take this outside " and insult lucci simultaneously lol.
Lucci is clearly the second strongest and he really believes that him and kizaru are more than enough to beat the strawhats but he is in for a big surprise.
Finally Luffy vs kizaru.
Again super hyped but i seriously believe that luffy is too much for kizaru lol.
I don't get the comments about kiz blocking a kick and that surpasses kaido for some reason lol.
I believe Luffy himself will confirm it if someone stronger than kaido appears and fans should chill a little bit because no man has better feats than the WSC.

More similar to the above imo.
Eh you could be right i still have trouble finding out when is Adcoc or not with weapons users like kaido zoro and Yamato is clear but with fists and kicks more complicated
Garp used it at the beginning of hachinosu it was clear on the sounds and the long trails
Aokiji and coby didn't use it because loda emphasized on their training in the chapter


Kitetsu Wanker
They get the main arc enemy defeated by Luffy.
Wrong answer. Luffy gets beaten up and Luffybros blame Oda that he is too weak.
You do understand kizaru is currently facing a shonen MC and the men who beat up kaido? Also his awakening warps reality around him to a degree and that beats lights speed.
The MC that is always kept away from swordsmen because they are his weakness.
You will soon find out that Luffy is nowhere near Kaido.
I wonder why there's supposedly another two week break?
I mean, man just had surgery and needs the time to rest and adjust. Just hope that it's nothing serious.

This arc is a bit all over the place though..

So Lucci and Kizaru are basically the only two players who can accomplish the mission, and if they're occupied by fighting, how could they? Secure York, secure power plant, kill vegapunk? Will the SH's destroy the power plant to keep the mother flame out of marine hands?
Would York just be able to rebuild it?

Will Saturn eventually join in on the action? As a means to create hype and show that there are LEVELS above that of Admiral.

Then we have part of blackbeard's crew somewhere? Could Sanji be an imposter? His uncharacteristic behavior is odd. Recently he was all like "Aawww Stussy <3" and now he's all like "BUBBLE GUNZ!!"

And then there's the whole Bartholomew memory ball. Is this a means to create world peace? By sharing "suffering". Through suffering and sadness we can learn understanding and happiness, albeit a second-hand experience through the eyes of Bartholomew Kuma. Is this why Kuma sacrificed himself?

Oda hinted on it last chapter when Luffy commented on Bonney's mood.

Sorry for the long post.
Wrong answer. Luffy gets beaten up and Luffybros blame Oda that he is too weak.

The MC that is always kept away from swordsmen because they are his weakness.
You will soon find out that Luffy is nowhere near Kaido.
We always say Luffy might get beat once or twice but will always win in the end.

On the other hand Zoro never wins against the opponents Zoro fans want him to fight.
Wanji decommissioning Kaku with his 195 Battle IQ play.

Woro manhandling Lucci out of the Lab.

Wuffy going straight into Kizaru (the Navy’s finest Admiral) with no hesitation

only downside => Lreak Lext Leek
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It's because Lucci said "as long as me and Kizaru are here you'll all get destroyed" which is him basically saying he's on that level.
Lucci just ain’t that guy, pal
We'll hopefully get our answer this arc with Saturn. Not necessarily as a direct fight, but as a portrayal moment towards the end of the arc

Considering this is a shonen, I would assume the only reason Kizaru or another Admiral can respect the top brass is because they are also powerful themselves. Considering these are essentially the last enemies (along with God Knights) to not even full designs and powers shown, it makes sense that they are relative or stronger than Admirals and just hide at the top of the world to control it and protect their leader. That would be my opinion on that for now

Hell if you want to get technical, Kong's position is a direct upgrade from Fleet Admiral, being that he oversees all military groups. Not saying he's stronger than Akainu, but clearly there are bigger positions.
The Kong example just highlights my point though. You don’t need to be stronger to have a higher rank.
I doubt anyone besides the most rabid Admiral haters would think that Kong who is likely even older than the old men top tiers is stronger than the current Admirals.
Most would probably not even say that Sengoku is currently stronger than them either. It’s never been necessary for a legitimate organization.

The whole mystique of the Gorosei was prettt much dispelled with the Nika retcon, funny enough. Turns out they’re actually clueless about mysteries of the Void Century so aren’t immortal like many speculated. I guess one could argue that hasn’t stopped Oda from making contradictory changes before…but at this point there’s not much basis for it.

Kizaru and co still serve weaklings like Charloss. That’s never been a problem before. It’s one thing to suggest that the Gorosei as a collective may be stronger than an individual top tier, but to say they are each individually stronger is quite a stretch, no?
It’s not like the Admirals don’t call them out on their bullshit or when they’re out of their depth either, like we just saw Saturn getting frazzled by military matters.
One would have to wonder what matters of agriculture or finance would require its minister to be stronger than top tiers.
So I liked Smoker and Sentomaru, and their dynamics that seemed like the next Garp. It was annoying to watch Smoker get clowned, Sentomaru not so much. However, not caring about it does not make me enjoy the story more and really there are two lame things
1. He already took a one shot from Lucci. Who gives a shit about losing again?

2. This was the chance for Kizaru to be more than a generic Marine antagonist. He was for a second because of his past but now he's back to being bland because he really doesn't have anything to say to Luffy. Probably gonna be some goofy shit like "woww I'm surprised ~" and reiterating his purpose for being there. Maybe he'll beat Luffy temporarily and Vegapunk will have a chance to work something interesting out of him
Thoughts about the chapter:

The very important background info (explaining Sanji’s behavior):

I hope everyone has noticed the reaction Sanji is having upon seeing Stussy being stabbed with a Shigan into her chest/belly. He is not reacting like we used to know him do from the past. Because, usually we are accustomed to him protecting every female character from harm or getting at least angry when he sees a pretty female being harmed in any way. Here, he isn’t doing anything of this.

Unusual, is it not?

This makes me think back to occasions where he let other characters hurt a woman in such a fashion and not be bothered about it. In fact, I cannot remember anything alike.

But in fact, the only times a female was hurt by a person and he did not intervene was, when the SHP faced female opponents in battle, who were antagonistic. Those were the only times Sanji was ok with someone hurting a woman: If said woman was an enemy.

And Stussy being an enemy would also perfectly fit into the picture and into the plot flawlessly (She called Akainu about the SHP being on Egghead and was this way directly responsible for the now 9 VA and 30,000 marines currently surrounding the island).

If you do not believe me, consider the following:

Saturn states here that the three most important things, which need to be saved at any cost are:

  • York
  • Punk Records
  • Mother Flame
Now, if you look at whom Lucci was trying to kill, we see he aimed at the Stellar. Only for Stussy to throw herself between them in the last moment. We have two different options as to why the situations played out this way:

  1. Stussy tried to safe Stellar
  2. Stussy tried to safe Punk Records
Option one would make her an obvious ally to Vegapunk.

Option two would mean that Stussy was not protecting the Stellar, but Punk Records, which would die with the Stellar if he were to perish. It would mean she works for the WG and is a double agent. It would also fit with her calling Akainu in the first place.

In fact, Lucci trying to kill Vegapunk could be considered as odd because:

  • Either he has not gotten the information that Saturn wants Punk Records not to be destroyed and is working according to his old mission
  • Or he does know that the WG wants to have Punk Records and nevertheless attacks the Stellar
The first option would not be that plausible, because we have to remember that he was able to contact the WG easily and even send them information. For him to not know what their current order is, is suspiciously awkward.

With the second option, I am questioning myself as to what his goal for the attack was. It could be to kill Vegapunk, but for what reason? His new mission from Saturn stated that Punk Records needed to be saved at all costs and not get destroyed.

His goal also could have been to kill Stussy. Because look, the Stellar was not the Vegapunk, who stood the nearest to him – that was Atlas and than came Edison. The Stellar was even farther away and it would have been easier for Lucci to attack Atlas and Edison first, before moving in to kill the Stellar. He did not do so, but instead aimed for the Stellar, who Lucci knew the WG needed alive at all costs. To prevent Punk Records from dieing, and because she is on the WG's side Stussy needed to throw herself in front of him and maybe Lucci banked on it to hurt or even kill her. Maybe she was the aim in this case.

Remember: Lucci wanted to make her pay and Luffy’s and Lucci’s agreement stated that he was not to kill any of Luffy’s crew or one of the Vegapunks. Lucci is not doing so by going against Stussy, because she was not mentioned in their agreement with any word.

And also remember: Lucci is on Luffy’s side. If you don’t believe me, you can read this analysis as base on which I ground this statement: Analysis

Also, Egghead is not over, yet. We are still missing very important parts of the arc: We still don’t know what happened during the small time skip. We still don’t know why Bonney has forgiven Vegapunk. And than there is the incident with the camera snails being destroyed and the intercom failing – we do not know if this was York. It could have been her, but we cannot be sure. Zolo wanted something from Vegapunk as well. We have the robot lying in the scrap yard and the matter of the power source that still is a mystery. Kuma was climbing the Red-line like the robot did 200 years ago and we do not know why.

Those things need to still be addressed. I do not think Oda will leave the SHP without at least some of it being revealed.

We are not yet in the end-fight, if you asked me.