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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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He went straight to G5 during the moment VP was talking about awakening and to mirror Lucci’s awakening. It was a narrative choice, not a powerlevel one. The man laid him out cold in one real attack while not even using haki.
Thanks. Basically we don't know then which gear would have been enough. Lucci is strong but Luffys haki has increased. Does Luffy win in Gear 1? Don't think so. Probably could win in Gear 4.
Lucci is insane, Zoro will probably be dominated, but if he manages to win that I will finally accept Zoro as a Low Top Tier.

Zoro fanboys should be happy now, but be scared as well cause anything is possible at this stage.
Lucci is a lot more balanced and may be able to take on Zoro better than King (considering things like kami-e and CoO) but in a direct matchup with King he's still on a disadvantage. There's no much point in arguing "low/mid/high" if he simply can't injure him or outlast him.

Nothing here changes that.
Well Aramaki easily did it and Zoro also did when he had the fire on Serpahim and King aren't really equal they are better versions of King
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