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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Nope the one over consuming that are the Goofy bros hyping this fodder because your boy went straight to g5 against him
Desperation to see marimo struggle is natural but it's not happening :suresure:
your dream not happening oda did not set lucci as a easy fight for zoro im sory .
And no sword style is fodder only zoro cant even beat usopp with that sh it .
Said the guy worshipping G5 Luffy.
Ofc I'd worship the fucking beast that getting his own Wano, first fights and bodies, Lucci, then fights and bodies Seraphim now fucking fighting Kizaru in base, meanwhilst Zoro is struggling with base Lucci.
Meaning, we had no idea just how beastly Lucci was, in turn we had no idea how even more beastly Luffy is LMFAO
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