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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Midd one shot I think is the best because of just when it was leaked everyone thought it was fake. Even the biggest haters were like “lmao no way he just gets one shot.” Like Shanks Wi-Fi with Ryo was movie promo and since then oda has basically pushed why Ryo didn’t fight shanks. But the Kid thing??? That was just brutal especially saying they were “exterminated.”
Combo of Kid getting one tapped + narrator saying him and his crew got exterminated is genuinely the most brutal thing I ever saw in One Piece.
Law got treated like a king in comparison, even though the end result was the same
This is so sad. Why is oda having sanji subdue a wounded kaku with vegapunks bubble?????

Sanji should be allowed to fight kaku since that would actually be a good fight.

We already know that lucci is going to try and flee from zoro when he gets the first chance too in awakening hybrid leopard skinny form which is emphasized for pure speed.
Okay if I am being honest maybe Luffy isn't that bad..but him facing Kizaru leaves a really bad taste in my mouth

On the plus side at least this would establish admirals are on same level as Yonko even to casual fans

Then I don't think Luffy actually wins here
Kizaru is prolly gonna face Zoro when Akainu faces Luffy.
If he goes down to goofy this arc he should be written out of the story
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