Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1091 Spoilers Discussion

Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Hahaha super speed magnificent flash awp fast as lightning Sanji couldn't even react in time to save Vega n Stussy had to?

Also, he is scared of Kaku n thirdly he feels inferior to Lucci so he let Zoro have him.

Important parts of the chapter:

  • Sentomaru tanked more than one hit from Kizaru(Lucci feat still looks better)
  • Kizaru seems to be the real world strongest defense(Sentomaru self claim is meaningless)
  • Kizaru is not only about his DF(hype just like Aokiji and probably other Admirals will proof this as well)
  • Stussy is the one who truly saved Vegapunk
  • Zoro just reacted after that and slammed Lucci against the wall(dehype of CoO but strength hype)
  • Sanji ignored a lady being attacked to prevent Kaku to join Lucci (dehype for me he is forgetting his gentlemen side to be more effective to the crew exactly the opposite he said he would do on Wano against Queen when he ignored his Germa RaidSuit)
  • Not sure if Luffy's kick did something relevant with Kizaru or not(did hit? Kizaru dodged/blocked?) but it seems he is not going all out from the very beginning(he may also have started in base with Lucci but we are not sure).
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