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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Meanwhile people still think Rayleigh isn't comparable to Yonko in his prime....
You realize vast majority of people put Rayleigh above Yonko
I can show you polls

Its very very tiny minority online
But this chapter tells us Luffy and Zoro have only reached Old Rayleigh level now as Oda compared Supernovas (Luffy/Zoro) to Rayleigh saying Rayleigh is 100 times stronger

Now if Luffy and Zoro are 100 times stronger than they were in Sabaody, it means they are just at Old Rayleigh level now.
Means Sanji reacted before zori, That's what the word then means if its follows a sentence

Also where is this Zoro slammed him through the wall you reading


Just stop writing your own summaries body
Both Sanji and Zoro actions was after Lucci attacks Stussy/Vegapunk. This is obvious. Sanji wouldn't have a reason to trap Kaku if wasn't for that.

Zoro attacked Lucci and then both of them go through the wall flying outside the lab. Zoro attack made Lucci slam against the wall breaking it and Zoro followed him(maybe it was just a push). Zoro probably did that so he could be sure Lucci would be away from the others so he could protect everybody while they take care of Stussy and Vegapunk.

Is not writing my own summaries is just analzying what was wrote. That's called interpretation. You should try for a while.
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