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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Is not writing my own summaries is just analzying what was wrote. That's called interpretation. You should try for a while.
Ok buddy just keep adding words to a text summary and changing the sentence order, maybe you can post a panel of how close zoro to vegapunk is and how he developed FS, have a good one
" analzying what was wrote"
I swear some leakers are fucking wankers. Just like with the Kizaru LadmiraL hype last chapter.

I appreciate those that are accurate and stick to facts though. The admiral wankers deserve the hard L
I've been right all along. The LadmiraL bias shows!!

1090 chapter Kizaru hype because one inconclusive panel
1091 chapter Luffy kicks Kizaru, but spoilers get delayed and no hype at all builds up

Nothing more lame than the LadmiraL agenda and it's freaking pathetic at this point.
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