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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Kizaru is going to be defeated quickly.

Vegaforce-01 is carrying the Sunny to the other side of the island and will allow the SHs to escape.

SHs will escape with Vegapunk and defeat an admiral.

Egghead incident that will shock the entire world.
Lame. Kizaru took over tens of Mark III and Saint Saturn has yet to do the same with the seraphims. Then there is no way they are escaping from Egghead that easily from such a strong gathering of forces.

Probably the strawhat Grand Fleet will help them at some point.
sure BB stronger than kaido and luffy, that's how I always scaled them

but Rayleigh couldn't get past kizaru and wished that he could help strawhats but couldn't
meanwhile kizaru was casual

while Blackbeard ran the fuck away from Rayleigh, meaning that he could only win against Rayleigh in a EXTREME diff fight
Also, Kizaru was mad at Kuma for saving strawhats, not at Rayleigh, bozo.

Kizaru >> Blackbeard >= Old Rayleigh = current Luffy > Kaido
Luffy will defeat Kizaru in this arc.
Not him, him and Big Mom together
And no Zoro was never K.Oed he could still hear the conversation between Luffy and Kaido

King of Hell Zoro beats the fuck out of him Oden style and Kaido would have to cheat again
No. Zoro woke up thanks to Mink drugs and Sanji treatment.
Also he was saved from Hakai by Law teleporting him from the attack
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