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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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So what?

Lifting Onigashima was never proofed to nerf Kaido.

Who was the YC level people he faced? Chapter 1000-1026 Luffy(twice), Pre-Asura Zoro(he became Yonko level with Asura), Kid, Law, Killer, Ashura Doji, Mink Kings, Denjirou(not sure?), Kawamatsu(maybe?), Yamato.

10 confirmed YCs, 2 possible YC and 3 Yonko level (Luffy 2 times Yonko level and Zoro once).

But some of those people Big Mom was helping him(Supernova fight).

But anyway how that translated to Big Mom? Because she was only defeated when she felt on magma(or maybe by the last explosion?). Kaido was defeated before that.
Lifting took a toll

Kaido was fighting continously.
9 Scabbards
5 Supernova
3 rounds of Pre G5 Luffy
I'm glad this chapter pushes our agenda even further though.

Kizaru needs to be defeated quickly because SHs need to escape, that's their plan and that's what I got from chapter 1090.

This chapter further confirms it as Vegaforce-01 is carrying the Sunny to the other side of the island and will allow the SHs to escape. As we speak, it's happening. It's like the birdcage in Dressrosa.

SHs will escape with Vegapunk and defeat an admiral so he doesn't prevent them from escaping.

When Luffy defeats Kizaru, he will punch him so hard that it'll break the dome in half and may destroy also the Mother Flame factory.

This will allow the VAs and Saturn to enter Egghead but it'll be too late, the SHs will have already escaped, with Vegapunk.

The released Mother Flame may further destroy Egghead and completely annihilate the island.

This will constitute the Egghead incident that will shock the entire world.
I like the dome in half idea. Maybe the dome should resonate with the impact and sound like a bell, gives the good old Skypea vibes.
Hahahaha what a W for Zoro

Prime Rayleigh confirmed to be stronger than Kaido n Joyboy
Old Rayleigh is also stronger than Kaido

Mihawk>Prime Rayleigh

Luffy didn't surpassed Prime Ray, let alone Mihawk

Kaku 10hp made Sanji wet his pant

Sanji showed his inferiority to Lucci n let Zoro beat him

Time to Rejoice

@nik87 the myth n legend was right about Mihawk and how Luffy can't surpass him

@Orojackson Refugee @Lor D. Coast @Stacks @mly90 @Vanlax @ShishioIsBack @Peroroncino

What a win 😍😍😍
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