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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Official scaling by Oda:

Kizaru >> Blackbeard >= old Rayleigh = current Luffy >> Kaido

Blackbeard pissed his pants because he knew a fight between him and Rayleigh would be a close one

meanwhile Rayleigh was trying to do everything in his power to get passed by casual Kizaru but couldn't
It's a wake up call for those "Godfy top 1" spammers lol.
But current Luffy can definitely match other top tiers now. Even before the confirmation of Luffy = Old Rayleigh.

Tbh, Old Rayleigh was still a powerhouse but just like Garp, he had stamina issues due to his old age and he hasn't touched a sword for decades. This is rather mad Prime Rayleigh hype.
Imo Luffy is a stronger than Old Ray by a small margin.
How a simple statement is proving how people can't do basic maths 😭
I swear.

Luffy said that the SHs were 100x stronger than before.

What people got from it is that Luffy is 100x stronger than the last time.

That's not what it meant at all.

Luffy and Brook did not get the same strength progression.

Luffy is above old Rayleigh in that sense.

Now, we can't powerscale shit only with that statement.
And he KO'ed Zoro even with Law helping Zoro twice
See how series of Kaido attacking injured opponents who have their backs turned continues?
Zoro had 30 broken bones and Kaido still got owned as long as Zoro could move

Then when Zoro's body stopped moving, Kaido finally attacked Zoro and he STILL FAILED TO K.O Zoro
Now we got confirmation Old Rayleigh = Current Luffy meaning Old Rayleigh > Kaido
It is simply not meant to be. :kayneshrug:

VAs on the move, Kizaru on the move, CP0 on the move... All that's left is Saturn to get going.
Either Luffy fans lose Kizaru to Zoro or Zoro beats Kizaru's boss. Which is worse? :zosmug:
Even better, Zoro fights a VA, just like he fought Kaido, Doflamingo, Moria, Lucci, Enel, Crocodile, and Arlong subordinates because Saturn aint moving an inch until the end of the arc, watch:cheers:
Ok buddy just keep adding words to a text summary and changing the sentence order, maybe you can post a panel of how close zoro to vegapunk is and how he developed FS, have a good one
" analzying what was wrote"
I completely changed my analyze because the new info we got didn't supported that. That's how interpretation works.

Made me wait for two months. Just for someone else to use.
Hope we are getting flashback of what she did...
I hate Oda
The only way it would make sense to me if Kaku tried to do something/attack her, which seems highly unlikely as Kaku was on his death bed. But yeah its nice that it was not only decorative and she might have used it against the seraphim during the fast-forward
I guess we need to wait for the pages
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