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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Its over for Zoro fans,
Stussy 1 tap speed blitz Zoro confirmed.
Zoro struggling against 10% HP base Lucci.
I guess we now know why Zoro couldn't even scratch Kaku balls. Its obvious, Zoro would've gotten packed up by 100% Kaku had Stussy not stepped in and saved him. Thats why Lucci needed to get weakened and beat so badly before hand by Luffy, so his side bitch could stand a bit of a chance against him.
Calm down
Wait wait wait, we have Rayleigh at 100%. The crew is 1%.
Now the crew is 100% and on par with Rayleigh. But that's the thing, the crew. It's not Luffy individually.

I don't know if they purely meant Old Rayleigh or Prime Rayleigh but Luffy is still (!) not on his level.
Stop please

Luffy became Joyboy
He's surpassing Roger soon,
This isn't prime Ray > luffy or old Ray = Luffy

We know Old Ray can't beat a Yonko,
So nope the crew isn't = Old Ray
Rayleigh isn't even a skyplitter

You guys should stop hyping Rayleigh
He's below yonko level, especially in prime


The Rogue Prince
Ray him self says he can't beat BB at his current age .
This WB and Garp all over where they strong but still weaken .
Hell luffy will beat BB in few months so i don't even know why people scaling this shit with ray .
Ofcourse Ray is old & aged right now.

His Powerlevel being consistently compared to Yonko should tell you that when he was Young, he was at that Level.
I don't think he will it's to early for him to reveal his ability yet, we've waited 20 years for us to see Shanks and still waiting for Dragon I doubt we'll see any gorosei go to battle just a few chapters after it's revealed they have abilities
I can see us getting a reveal of Saturn by the end of the arc, similar to how Oda showed off Kuma in TB. Gives us some perspective maybe on how strong the Gorosei and Imu truly are.
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