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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Lee Ba Shou

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That's John Giant, the rest of the VA are 400M jobbers that will serve as hype tools for a double CoC blast. :myman:
Alright I know this is a troll comment but I’m going to address it seriously anyway. Lol

So your argument is that the Marines have 4 guys worth 3 billion w/ the Admirals and Garp,

And then there’s an enormous power gap where we have one random Vice Admiral (who is not John Giant as his name is clearly ?asparden) worth 1 billion berries

And then another fucking enormous gap where every other Vice Admiral is worth less than Koby.

Do you even hear yourself?

Imagine making this argument about the Red Hair Pirates.

“The Red Hair Pirates have Celestial Dragon Shanks and Beckman who are relative, then there’s a huge bounty gap where literally only one guy (say Roo) is worth 1 billion, then another completely enormous power gap where every other Red Hair Pirate is worth 400 million”

Like obviously there is no logic at all to this dumbass argument lol. There should not be enormous inexplicable gaps in strength among these guys so arbitrarily for no reason, the strength hierarchy of the RHP should be more like a ladder like the Beasts.

You have a lot of guys at level 1, then less but still a lot of guys at level 2, then dozens of guys at level 3 (headliners), then 6 at Tobi Roppo, then 3 at All Star, then 1 at Crydo.

The Marines are for sure going to be similar. I’d wager there are at bare minimum 5 VAs worth 1 billion, and really if you asked me for my unbridled opinion, there could be as many as 20 VAs in the 1 billion realm of power. The Marines are a massive organization with massive funding, and if Sakazuki can pull 2 Admirals and multiple Admiral candidates out of thin air, surely he can find plenty of commander level dudes with ease.

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Kizaru is such a good character. He wanted to save everyone but at the end the job need to be done. This is why Admirals are way better character than Yonkos.
Really want to see the panel of Kizaru looking angry after he defeated Sentomaru.

We know that Kizaru has a mean streak from Kizaru capturing 500 pirates after failing to capture the Straw Hats in Sabaody.

Now Luffy is partially responsible for Kizaru having to hurt and defeat someone he clearly respects and cares for.

I think we're finally going to get into Kizaru's head/heart in this arc.
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