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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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I have a buddy that is a programmer too.Any tips for him to get a job in the US while living here in Brazil?
I think having extra curriculum activities like being president or VP or computer science club at his University..doing some personal projects..taking some Udemy courses and having some internship experience would go a long way

I guess I can make a YouTube video on that topic


Kitetsu Wanker
We have swordsman Kizaru, the only guy who can handle him being Zoro.
We have blunt stick user Saturn that pairs well with Luffy's near blunt damage immunity.
We have Lucci who could actually be a decent Sanji opponent.
Jinbe will probably suffer the same fate as in Wano, getting an opponent that cant bring him past mid diff. Perhaps Dobberman.
The others will either not fight or will be tasked with keeping the VAs busy.
Another observation, if Kizaru and Lucci are speed-based fighters, is Saturn also on the #teamSpeed? :sanmoji:
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