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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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You are literally acting dumb on purpose

Defeating him they all that shit doesn't mean anything
Mihawk came to fight Whiteberad meaning whiteberad and his crew
Marines were at the war with Whiteberad

to defeat Blackbeard he has to defeat all his allies

Lol Hancock was too traumatized to fight
He never said he needed Hancock's help
Blackbeard's crew was scared shitless of Rayleigh

Stop embarrasing yourself bro, he literally say he cant beat him in a ''head to head fight'' IE ''1 vs 1''.
Dude his equal Mr.Chins one shot a Sea Beast Weapon from Vegapunk, that was something only Kizaru did.

That beast embarrased the whole Strawhat crew, and Chins didn't even started yet
Your usual desperation to glue Lanji in any way possible to Zoro aside you have to look at the bigger picture here. Doll and 5chins, who were the 2 Strawhats that fought together?
It's not a coincidence that Kaku and Robin are in no condition to fight and now there's a couple of VA on the island, a cyborg and a woman. I think you're finally getting your dream team up. :finally:
I think having extra curriculum activities like being president or VP or computer science club at his University..doing some personal projects..taking some Udemy courses and having some internship experience would go a long way

I guess I can make a YouTube video on that topic
send me the link if you actually do it.what is your youtube channel's name?
I'm pretty sure that guy is a troll.
The things he says are so far from being canon (or even found in non canon material at least) that he can't possibly be serious.
Add that he ignores anything that debunks his agenda, and you've got your self a classic troll.
@Elder Lee Hung is not a troll but he does like to rile up the Yonko fandom though.
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