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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Kitetsu Wanker
Kizaru not a swordman he just used a sword to fight a swordman like aokiji when he was playing with zoro.
All the navy are trained in swordman ship but they are not all swordmans .
We saw bogard training koby and helmeppo in swordman ship is Koby a swordman too ?
Kizaru is a swordsman.
Source: Trust me.
Mihawk beating an Admiral or a low-top tier is certainly possible but I'd not put too much hope for it. :josad:

NO :beckmoji:

If i was a mihawk fan i would bet my money on that, especially with the nickname reveal marine hunter and all that. It fits too well imo
Also i really cant think of stronger people than Admirals that oda would let mihawk pack up at this point.
We already run out of 3 billion berry captains :saden:
Wujitora or Green bull are the solution .
But the match up fuji and zoro is hinted .
They’re going to get taken out by Kid and Law.

Thw admirals, alongside the yonko, are set up as opponents for the PK to surpass. While they won’t ultimately get it, Kid and Law have always followed in Luffy’s footsteps in attempting to be PK.

Zoro will probably fight Garling or Nasujuro
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