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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
japan have a lot of toxic cultures but toxic social media culture are not one of them

they're Ike not like most countries that likes to record everything in public like a retarded person
Well even media isn't allowed or you can say doesn't show his pictures
I think oda enjoys quite a clout in Japan to pull such thing
This is him apparently

Idk how old this is but I don't imagine he changed a lot in those years so eh.
That pic was taken 20 years ago
The reason I said Nakama and Friends separately, is because Luffy would consider Shanks to be his friend, or Law to be his friend, even though they're not Nakama, and are rival Pirate Crews.

Nakama is more like comerades than friends in Japan, from what I've seen. But, HELL, I've been wrong before. I think Luffy views his crew as Nakama, but still has friends he treasures just as much as his crew/Nakama.

Is there anyone here familiar with the original Japanese One Piece Manga, who can say if Luffy uses Nakama to refer to people outside the crew/people he's invited to the crew?
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