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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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You don't need ACoC not to touch you can do that with ACoA we saw that shit since pre time skip .
I know but Sum Luffy fans and others not thinking that way.
altho we didn't know it pre time skip that its indeed haki, we basically got it confirm when Hyou said you can attack it no touch with ryou (AdvCoA / Barrier). even Luffy said its just like Rayleigh.
The Skysplit is only when u clash with someone who had AdvCoA + AdvCoC. Luffy fans think the Skysplit or no Touch is AdvCoC but not combining AdvCoC + AdvCoA.
Lol the first scan can be interpreted anyway since it wasn’t shown clearly

the second is luffy using his devil fruit
It’s still later shown if luffy attacking and not touching

let’s say you can attack with adcoc and still touch, do you see haki leaking trail from luffys feet…. line is and there is a clear difference between the ones kaido and luffy used to zoro and yamato

when adcoc is used like you showed that haki trail is connected to the body or weapon but luffys kick the haki line is been shown on impact and that means it a normal coa

if we are too call coa lines adcoc then everbody and their moms and can use adcoc
the fact that kaido stated only a handful of people can do it (roger, whitebeard, bigmom, kaido and luffy)

what luffy used here is normal coa

also haki not touching is the highest form of haki in the verse, people comparing luffy kick with kaido to luffy kick with kizaru are just insane cause the difference is there
the first frame can only be interpreted either way if you have vision impairment.
he is touching kaido
his fist literally goes through his head .
Your conclusion there tells me all I need to know . coa and coc can both be used with no contact but its not a necessity. Go back and reread rayleigh and hyo training luffy on coa. I dont care about the rest of the jargon you wrote there.
This forum is funny
With the wank one would think kizaru low diff kaido when that kick wasn’t even comparable to any of luffy attack on the roof top

watch them wank kizaru to top 1 now
The same people that will use headcanon and be creating new stupid threads

it’s why we have ftl luffy and small planet luffy
When the verse strongest has only shown multi island

using a coa infused kick that any top tier can block to wank kizaru to top 1
Brain dead
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