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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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the first frame can only be interpreted either way if you have vision impairment.
he is touching kaido
his fist literally goes through his head .
Your conclusion there tells me all I need to know . coa and coc can both be used with no contact but its not a necessity. Go back and reread rayleigh and hyo training luffy on coa. I dont care about the rest of the jargon you wrote there.
lmao re read the first time luffy used it
Law specifically said they are not touching, and he saw luffy use red roc before….you’re not reading the rest cause you have no argument that was armament haki or else we can just give coby aokiji and garp coc too
First Kiz had Luffy shock from his power alone and now he's blocking his advCOC kick on physical strenght alone

Papalino is that guy
Men I can't wait to see a Admiral in a all out battle!! I waited for sooo many years and finally we probably get one. And this fight will be massive insane...

Kuzan vs Garp already started good and had great moments, while Kuzan didn't even used his 100% power(like awakening), Oda saved logia awakening for this moment.

Do you guys also feeling the same vibe, so excited now xD.
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