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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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I know but Sum Luffy fans and others not thinking that way.
altho we didn't know it pre time skip that its indeed haki, we basically got it confirm when Hyou said you can attack it no touch with ryou (AdvCoA / Barrier). even Luffy said its just like Rayleigh.
The Skysplit is only when u clash with someone who had AdvCoA + AdvCoC. Luffy fans think the Skysplit or no Touch is AdvCoC but not combining AdvCoC + AdvCoA.
Yeah the no touch is more ACoA then ACoC just in luffy vs Kaido fight they both were using together for a lot of attacks but even luffy last attack was a mix of ACoA and ACoC in the Kaido fight .
But whatever this haki debate will never end lol .
Now we are bound for two weeks of : it’s AdvCoC, it’s not AdvCoC, It’s CoA…

And this is why One Piece is going downhill as a story. We as readers cannot be sure of what powers are used. Everything is ambiguous, everything is a controversy. And that’s tiresome.

Rather than waste his time on the LA, Oda should dedicated more time to explain how Haki works for the fights to make sense.
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