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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Sentomaru was already messed up from before but he still blocked a couple of moves and even tagged Kizaru, maybe he isn't a complete fodder. :bamathink:
Never made sense for Vegapunk, the most important scientist of the WG to have a fodder bodyguard
I think he's low YC level with a good defense and reaction speed. There's also the fact Kizaru may not go all out against his friend. (although he fucked him up pretty bad at the end lol)
It just happens that awakened Lucci is YC1+ and went for the kill
I know the narrative weight behind this arc

Luffy will win but this won't be easy as many are making out to be. He is getting pushed to extreme diff in my opinion
The only people who are hoping for easy win are yonkotards with agenda. Kizaru is OG admiral and as powerful as yonko. This fight won't end without Luffy putting his life in line. And that is good writing. There is no easy way.
Oh no no no, base Lucci has WsW level of armament right and has way weaker stats than King, then why is he casually blocking Zoro? :milaugh:
Kaku the prodigy >>>Lucci?
Zorobros hate boner for Lucci is coming back to bite them
Gear 5 luffy vs Nitoryu Base Zoro no named move, no santoryu no asura no koh no coc. Hmmm I wonder who who will have a better showing?

I often wonder if Shanks/ luffy tards have jello for brains, your hot takes are beyond retarded. Seek help to return your cognitive function to at least relatively normal levels.
The fact that Base Lucci can block Zoro’s attacks at all is ridiculous. He’s obviously gonna need KOH once Lucci starts dominating him with his awakening. Extreme diff minimum if it goes uninterrupted.

Current Luffy could grab Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe and knock them across an island without breaking a sweat. Deal with it.
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