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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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You called me an idiot the other day just because I said I didn’t think the BMP were gonna show up in Elbaf. You do get toxic man, you need a chill pill.
Oh no I called you an idiot, so many users here call each other idiots or morons and then just move on.

Also so many users here can sometimes get toxic, I saw your posts on the political thread and you are way more toxic than even me.

You need to take a chill pill way more than me.:milaugh:

If you can't accept the fact that me and others are just having fun, then that's on you.

But hey I do apologize for calling you an idiot before.
This shit is almost pure karma at this point.

I dont believe Lucci is Zoro's "official" fight in any capacity, but how many signs does the fanbase need about Luffy's main threat always getting the main focus and not Zoro's? This should have been obvious several chapters ago.
They need to be taught the lesson a few more times
a few more disappointments should set expectations straight.
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