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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Im just wondering what the plan is? Increasing the chapter number each time till it comes true? Or leaving it as-is?
Ah ok fair question. Well either way wouldn't remove the signature now even if Luffy was gutted in this chapter (1091), it spoils the chapter for those that don't read this thread. Agree?

Next up I will try anything else that riles up the admiral fanboys. That's all.

Peace out.
@Fujishiro this also sheds more light on that strategy conversation we were having.

Kizaru did, as I in fact predicted, attack Sentomaru so that he could take control of the Pacifista.

And now that the Sea Beasts are going to get ganged up on, the Straw Hats are even more fucked. Now they have to face Pacifista, Vice Admirals, CP-0, and Kizaru and potentially Saturn.

It’s Yonkover for this crew. The Straw Hats either retreat or lose, they ain’t winning here lol.
Or they pull a huge upset and win, harkening to this being a shocking event.

Did you even read the scene? Lucci is confidence Kizaru is here. Not because he thinks Zoro is weak. He still doesn't believe Luffy is worthy of his Yonko title.
What Lucci is saying is
Kizaru > Luffy
Lucci > Zoro

He is not saying anyone is weak but he thinks Kizaru > Luffy > Lucci > Zoro > Rest is it.

This is probably wrong as it's likely Luffy > Kizaru > Zoro > Lucci > Rest.

In Luccis mind if they can take out the top 2 then they can sweep the rest, similar to how Luccis plan was to take out all the Strawhats if he could just kill Luffy first (he might have succeeded as Zoro stated back then). Same as Kaido knew that Oden was the main problem followed by Hyogoro, the rest while not weak would not be a problem to himself.

+ they have Kaku who is capable of taking out probably anyone not named Sanji, Stussy or Jinbei.
I'm with Z bois on this one. Feels like Lucci is about to get clapped.
There is a reason why Oda introduced 9 Vice Admirals, Lucci already got his moment of shine already and even though some of us were joking about Zoro fighting Luffy's leftover earlier in the thread.

But in truth, it does feel weird for Zoro to have a full fight against a character who we have already seen in combat.

This makes me think that three things might happen:

1. Zoro easily defeats Lucci

2. One of the Vice Admirals comes in and knocks Lucci out

3. Someone comes in and imprisons Lucci in a bubble similar to how Kaku got imprisoned

Once Lucci is quickly out of the way, I think that's when Oda will probably have Zoro fight his true main opponent which will be one of the Vice Admirals and we all know which one.:wellwell:
Well Sentomaru did good, surviving Kizaru's signature attack Yasakani no Magatama..

To be fair the difference is Sentomaru who fought Luffy was still fresh and healthy. Sentomaru who fought Kizaru was already injured and bandaged. Still the injured Sentomaru survived longer.

Did you miss the part where Kizarus tiny laser spam did not hit Sento and was instead using it for a Tom and Jerry chase?

Or did you miss part even Kizaru is having massive conflicting emotions about fighting Sento and is obviously not in anyway going for the kil?

And did also miss the part where once Kizaru decided his playtime was over he used only just his normal finger laser same as always to nuke Sento?

Seriously, where did you see a fight here.
"As long as Kizaru and I are here, you all will be destroyed"

Kizaru and Lucci are clearly portrayed as the two strongest fighting villains of the arc

Which is why their opponents are Luffy and Zoro, the only Straw Hats who can beat them

Didnt you retards said saturn is stronger then kizaru and kaku stronger then lucci ? :saden::saden::saden::saden:
Admiral vs Yonko encounters:

Ryokugyu flees from Shanks

Oldbeard folds Akainu

Aokiji subordinates himself to Blackbeard

Oldleigh stalemates Kizaru

Admiral gang are reading 2 Piece if they think this goes well for Kizaru
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