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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Admiral boys got way too emotional from all the Ls they are taking. Problem is people never read books or lack knowledge of proper story flow. Watch more movies, watch more anime, read more manga, there's more to life than admiral fanboyism, someone help them.
The mentally challenged guy tells others to improve themselves. You literally said that Luffy kicked Kizaru to the face and that the spoiler summary from Redon confirmed that. When I have confronted you several times with the real raw panel you refuse to adress it and just pretend it never happened.
The first thing you should try to teach others is to have a spine and not ignore it when your ridiculous delusion got crushed. Lead by example and change yourself first.
he doesn't kill people instantly because he has mercy
Or he used tekkai
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It needs to happen, otherwise this encounter is pointless. Luffy's growth is pointless. The fodder side character doesn't need any respect and that doesn't add anything to the story to give him a "real" fight, it would just make Luffy look really really bad if he doesn't win this one quickly.

It's a massive L for Luffy if he doesn't humiliate Kizaru.
dont look like it will be an humiliation .
Bro this ain’t Fairy Tail or Black Clover lmfao.

The Straw Hats winning here would serve absolutely no narrative purpose other than to fellate the ego of idiots in this fandom who have directly tied their own personal self-worth with how strong a minority of characters perceive Luffy to be lol.

The Straw Hats losing here would actually throw the entirety of the EOS into chaos.

From Oda’s perspective, which of these two possibilities do you realistically think will keep readers coming back for more lol?
Oda does not have it in him to make Goofy lose post ts.
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