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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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@GUI I'm not a Zorofan if that's what you want to know but I respect him and I know he is strong.

I don't like the fact that there are multiple fandom groups (Zorofans, Admiralbros, etc.) because whenever I say something, you guys automatically think that I chose a side. Whenever you guys see me say something, you directly jump on me and say that I'm a "Yonkotard", a "Zoroslander"...

That's not who I am. I'm on the side of the narrative. For instance, I'm a big Shanksfan, yet when Mihawkbros explained to me why Mihawk is stronger, I acknowledged it (though it took time) and now, I put Mihawk over Shanks. Except, I don't like Mihawk and I love Shanks, yet I'm still putting Mihawk above Shanks. I also love Sanji and I prefer him over Zoro. Yet, I'm not delusional and I know that Zoro is above Sanji.

The narrative here clearly says that Luffy and Zoro won't struggle against their respective opponents, they have to make the opposite of what happened in Sabaody (clearly testified by Luffy's and Zoro's lines in this chapter), and clear their respective opponents before the Sunny reaches the other side.
I don't think so. Kizaru is the strongest marine as he's a swordsman, Luffy isn't on his level. This will be a hard fight for Zoro and Luffy but they are beating Saturn/kizaru.
The fandom is very reactionary my friend, don't waste your time.

Of course that if I take that single panel of Zoro vs Lucci, I can build arguments to mock Zorofans (not going to lie, it's tempting).

Of course that if I take last chapter's (1090) final panel of Luffy being in fear, I can build arguments to mock Luffyfans.

Yet, we all know that these panels are temporary, that they allow to build hype but at the end of the day, they don't say shit about who is stronger and powerlevel differences.

The perfect examples are:
- Kizaru seemingly struggling against Sentoumaru in 1090 but easily defeating him in 1091 (like you said)
- Luffy seemingly being scared of Kizaru but going after him and kicking him, then telling him "we are 100x stronger now"

These people have to stop being so reactionary and take their time to analyse the whole narrative.

Zoro is not going to struggle against Lucci.
Recency bias will always exist.

Sasaki Kojirō

Many LS for the Admiral's fans in this chapter, especially those who used Kinemon as an argument to defame the invincible Kaido.
Zoro physical strength is insane. He overpowered Lucci with just raw power and physical strength. He didn't use blackened haki when he pushed Lucci through the wall.

Take a look at the scenes.

When Zoro and Lucci clash they are both using blackened haki. Zoro coated his swords with haki. While Lucci coated his right leg with haki.

In the scene where we see Lucci talking, we can see the blade from one of Zoro's swords in the bottom right corner. The sword is no longer coated in haki. That proves Zoro stop using blackened haki.

In the following scene Zoro overpowered overpower Lucci and send him through a wall.
Zoro fans will find out the bitter way why Lucci is Cp0 boss, Dragon warned from him and Blackbeard chose to retreat.

Y'all sound so silly with your "maybe it wont be a low diff, maybe a mid diff", like seriously thats so ridiculous - if you look at it somewhat objectively you will know that Zoro is the underdog here.
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