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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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When I say "Luffy won't struggle", I mean that this won't be Luffy vs Kaido.

The reason behind this has nothing to do with powerscale but purely on the narrative.

The narrative is very clear.
- Luffy and Zoro have to reassert the yonko status of the SH crew by showing to Kizaru and Lucci that they are facing a yonko crew, not the mere pirates they were 2 years ago
- The Sunny is being moved to the other side, this can go relatively quick and the fight has to finish by then
- Elbaf has already been announced and we already know the next destination, although Egghead was not finished yet, this can imply that the arc is going to follow next, in a near future
- The Egghead incident has already been mentioned multiple times, and now we are simply witnessing it, the timing of the events implies this is going to be relatively short
Wait, aren't you a little preoccupied with this Yonko crew status narrative?

Luffy is not strong enough to beat Kizaru quickly in the short time it takes for Sunny to move out.

And if Lucci is petty enough to say that Luffy is not a Yonko despite getting mid diffed by Luffy, I highly doubt that any less than a low diff loss to Zoro will convince Lucci that Luffy is a Yonko.

And, like I said, Luffy needed G5 to beat Lucci, so a fight between Zoro and Lucci is a high diff at least and extreme diff at worst, which still won't convince Lucci in the end.

Besides, Lolda can easily drop this Yonko status plot point, like he did to a shit ton other plot points in Wano, to justify both Luffy and Zoro needing extreme diff to win against Kizaru and Lucci respectively.
We do know. Brannew stated that Garp and Aokiji were not born strong but attained that level through training.

So born monsters (Sentomaru, Big Mom) were ultimately unfit to be compared to the Admirals (explicitly confirmed to not be born monsters by Brannew).
Garp is not Admiral but OK. And as I said we can only say that about Aokiji. We don't know Kizaru and Akainu yet. Same about Fujitora and Greenbull. Sengoku is a fraud.
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Wasn't meant to go after Wapol? How short is your attention span? He took Vivi with him, they had to take care of Vivi.

Calm down your admiral fanboyism. It's a real struggle to find a meaningful conversation in a thread full of favourite character agenda wankers. Go watch a soap opera if you are more focused on single character drama.
Yes they got distracted by Wapol without understanding what happened and Vivi took the change to escape. Everything was calm before that. They were too relaxed to pay attenttion.
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