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You are also stupid.
calm down, why always resort to personal attacks? we are here to discuss the chapter and the characters

It doesn't sound like a great chapter to be fair. Sounds like we get 2 separate panels of Luffy vs Kizaru and that's it. Where's the plot development. Not even an actual dragged out boring fight.

Very sloppy.
Kizaru, as a top tier, is expected to be fought by Luffy at his strongest. Luffy still has no clean victories against another top tier despite being now in the ballpark, so if any of the two want to defeat the other they both need to get serious.
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The fact we jumped back to snakeman vs Kizaru and now g5 next chapter means
Oda jumped time and offscreen g2/g3 vs Kizaru

This battle gonna end in 2-3 chapters
Even more so with this robot waking up .

Snakeman jobbing to Kizaru??

That's insane hype for Kizaru. Wtf that mode was supposed to be the counter to him, and Luffy even has FS stacked ontop to counter speed. How broken is that man 😭, who tf can deal with Kizaru then??
Snakeman was never made counter him as soon as luffy get gear 5 that is what he going to use on high tier .
Everything else just usual shonen stalling .
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