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@Erkan12 Disappointed with Kizaru's performance here, and even more disappointed with Akainu, who had to confront a man who was seen in the last panel with his parts exposed, destroyed, and without any hint of rationality, a programmed bot. And even after losing a leg and part of his face, Akainu was still so useless to the point of letting a cripple escape. LOL
Massive LadmiraL Ls. They all deleting their accounts right now.

The "Tyrant" Kuma

Meanwhile the ''strongest creature''
oh god is a twopiece agenda bitch boy.

kaido was fighting for over 50 chapters straight against YC caliber fighters nonstop..

start of the war

after fighting the scabbards, then the minks, the rooftop squad then luffy haki awakening...

lizaru is fresh and all he did so far is neg sentomaru and cant even come close to one shotting Luffy the same way Kaido smacked him around. i forgot i never even saw kizaru appear in the few who could fight him.....
Kizaru against an no adcoc Luffy: HUFF HUFF, it's really tough.
Kaido: Send everything you've got, kid.
Kizaru vs Supernovas: They're scary

Proceeds to kick ass
Kizaru vs Marco: How powerful

Proceeds to kick ass
Kizaru vs Ben Beckman: How scary the red hair pirates are!

Ignores him and goes after Luffy to kick ass
Kizaru vs Luffy: You're so tough

Kicks him away and almost Kill Vegapunk.
I sense a small pattern here.
While Blackbeard's subordinates thought Blackbeard was at risk against a CoC-less Law. A week after he ran away from Rayleigh on sight.

:milaugh: Kizaru is eating good.
Is this your Mihawk cope method to spread ass pull lies :broocry: Because Teach never run clown, he literally let them gave his men back and kidnapped Larines while Rayleigh admitted they were lucky fight didn't happen.

Law > Lucci, if Luffy uses G5 vs Lucci and Teach doesn't use awakening to beat Law, even a clown ZKKfan such as you can do the math.
Everyone who is attracted to woman will be effected. Even every woman is effected. Its just Luffy from what we know of, who isnt effected and even then, Boa could beat him with her other attacks. So no, Luffy is not beating her prior to the time skip.
You're talking about freaking Zoro being affected lmao. Just stop. Zoro's just as asexual as Luffy when it comes to women.

What feats does Hancock have to beat DR Luffy? She can only beat Pre-TS Luffy at best.
You're rambling about some baseless stuff... At least Doflamingo owned Warlord Law and fought Luffy with ruptured organs.
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