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People jumping the gun

Kaido blizted and landed a move on Snakeman which forcee luffy to use boundman again
Kizaru landing a powerful blows after matching snakeman shouldn't be a shocker

I wanted more snakeman vs kizaru onscreen
Now we're back to goofy g5 nonsense
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Another thing: how the hell that robot was activated 200 years ago??
It probably has been activated since the ancient kingdom 200 years ago.

Even now I doubt the drums are going to be charging it up more likely it’s just waking it from sleep mode and then it’ll be unable to do anything until later.
Imagine non awakened Kizaru took down Snakeman and Luffy needed G5 to fight back.
That is some mad hype for Kizaru, lot of details are missing but damn respect to Kizaru.
Wait did anyone really think luffy would not use G5 .
It's his strongest mode it's what he will use vs everyone from now on that high tier .
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