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I wasn't excpecting Oda to have the scale of the fight go so large so fast.

Like we need to wait and see the panels.

But dude. If Egghead looks small from Kizaru's start up point

Bro this is so fucking hype for Kizaru

He has always been portrayed as the weakest of the 3 admirals

Little we knew he was capable of this shit and we haven't gotten everything yet

he clearly is serious lufy is not there for have fun he trying escape the island .
The entire escape SHP try to go for doesn't make any sense at all. It's pure bullshit on Oda's side.

They can fight. The only reason SHP don't want to fight here is because Oda doesn't want them to, because he probably wants Elbaf to have the big fights.

Never implied Luffy is there for fun. But it's odd Luffy's giving Kizaru a smiley face expression instead of "I remember you and I am going to kick your ass" kind of serious face.
Bakkin was taking about her and Weevil. It's even in the official translation.

The fact that Bakkin was not taken is also a prime example of Ryo not being interested in any way in her.

Weevil was screaming probably because Aramaki restrained him more than beaten him unconscious, or maybe he was already in cuffs.
The fact that Bakkin wasn't take just explain even more that is was a trade.

Leave everyone alone and I go with you.

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
base/g2 luffy (we can see Luffy making the position even if there's no smoke after) moved much faster than hybrid kaido thunder bagua he didn't even have the time to finish his sentence
Base Luffy literally outsped Thunder Bagua casually yet gets blasted across Egghead by Kizaru in Gear 4 Snakeman @Fujishiro my guy this is a new realm of speed. Don’t even mention Crydo the turtle’s name compared to Kizaru right now.
Kek, snakeman already jobbing to kizaru
Well I mean nobody expected snakeman to be beating the shit out of Kizaru but by the looks of things they were equal. Meaning kizaru is about equal to Luffy using gear 4th. He had to use an upper echelon attack just to kick Luffy away for a second. So he's going full force and hasn't dealt with g5 yet.

In other wards without g5 Luffy would beat Kizaru after a prolonged bout/fight.

Only thing that bothers me is base Luffy seems stronger than g4 these days. And it's been that way since the rooftop. Oda is weird.
Seems like you can’t read

where doe kaido say that luffy entering gear 5 automatically makes him use coc?

he says luffy is coating himself in coc and coa and is fighting freely we see this in luffy vs lucci

no point in the manga did oda or kaido ever say that coc is a requirement for g5, you came with your stupid headcanon of “not full g5”

luffy can decide if he wants to use coc or coa in g5 simple
Ok, so pure cope. I'll leave to your headcanon then.

Also, how one can be illiterate to not even be able to read properly a summary lol?
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