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Snakeman just stays in the same place lauching fast punches non stop, i don't why people are pretending this is some god tier form luffy uses to dodge, when in reality he never did.
Snakeman is fast, when you're talking about the speed of it's punches and it's unpredictability.
It is a stationary form though and it's not like Boundman or even Gear 2nd in that aspect.

But here we go with the "Snakeman = Speed, Kizaru Blitzed it" dogshit takes.
If you didnt realize after wano you're gonna realize after egghead luffy is top 3 minimum and the only ones stronger is probably dragon and akainu

also nice that oda obviously implied luffy is stronger then kaido which is what the manga showed
Well I mean nobody expected snakeman to be beating the shit out of Kizaru but by the looks of things they were equal. Meaning kizaru is about equal to Luffy using gear 4th. He had to use an upper echelon attack just to kick Luffy away for a second. So he's going full force and hasn't dealt with g5 yet.

In other wards without g5 Luffy would beat Kizaru after a prolonged bout/fight.

Only thing that bothers me is base Luffy seems stronger than g4 these days. And it's been that way since the rooftop. Oda is weird.

You Guys are overstudying such basic simple Chapters. Kizaru was too fast for Gear 4 Snakeman and overpowered him. Luffy realised even his Gear 4 snakeman is too slow for Kizaru so he decided to use Awakening since he needs his 100% to beat Kizaru its simple. Kizaru has yet to show us a new named Attack or switch to the Blade or even use Awakening.

Yes and that's if Luffy's not using CoC with Snakeman.

This ain't the "gotcha" moment, you think it is pal. :saden:
Not a good take, imho.

We will have the same dubious images we had on Onigashima, but Luffy used CoC even in the last chapter and was not reported.
Obv. someone said the opposite, but it will be same with this chapter too.
oda shows kaido strongest attack only giving luffy a burned hand , and it getting completly counter by ryou

but show me how kaido is stronger even if you dont think luffy was stronger during wano it still extreme diff and luffy only got stronger
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