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You're not making an argument against FS, but rather you're making pro FS argument hope you realize that lmfao..

Kaidou went from being unable to perceive snakeman attacks (where he could keep up and even dominate any other form even with FS), to blitzing it in his slowest mode, solely thanks to FS.

Quit wanking FS, and give some credit to speed 😂
I think you're just saying random stuff to act like you're having fun or something. You made it sound like Snakeman's raw speed made Kaido lose the edge, so I pointed out how Kaido needed FS to tackle Luffy's FS. How's that me wanking FS? On the contrary to your logic, Luffy's FS failed to save him from Kaido. What does that mean to you? lmao.

The focus of my argument was on Snakeman's raw speed vs Kaido's raw speed because it should be obvious that the deciding factor will be their raw speeds when both parties are using FS.
Guess where light comes from?

The Sun.

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Did anyone even possibly imply that Luffy was losing?

Well Luffy hasn't thought of using his powers that way. He should be able to shoot lasers too just like Kizaru.
Will he expand enough to reach critical mass and turn into a black hole and then absorb Kizaru?

2nd question:
Yes. The entire thread is cluttered with posts like these, where people claim Kizaru wins:
Why do you trust leakers so much, do they have the next few chapters already at hand lol?
Tbf though, Luffy fights always last way longer than expected, or have breaks in between them (either he loses then comes back or gets "lost" lol). Thats when most other fights take place, before he ends the fight in 5-10 chapters.

Its oddly consistent between Enies Lobby, Dressrosa, WCI and Wano at least.


Kitetsu Wanker
Personally, i dont think Haki abilities can even be copied.
"Don't assume you're the only one who can see the future" is what Kaidou says before he owns Snakeman.

I think Kaidou copied the Snakeman movement concept from Luffy and used it in his Dragon mode, & not the Fs.
I think it can due to him copying whatever Luffy was using at that instance - FS and Snakeman.
It is very unlikely that Kaido is a FS user and in the whole war he uses it once, while having countless opportunities.
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