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Your FS lol ... is Zoro better than kata and Luffy FS.???
What are you even on about at this point lmfao?!

We talked about FS visions - both Shanks and Luffy saw visions of attacks fucking them up.

Shanks response -> stopping that attack -> 0.5 shotting Kidd.
Luffy's response -> "A big attack is incoming!!" -> nothing else since Hakai seemed to be something too much for Luffy for whatever reasons. And no, simple dodging wouldn't do it either; the attack covered the entire battlefield.

What's so difficult to understand about?
I just wonder if they sent just one for each kingdom or not.

I believe one for each kingdom should be enough. Those kingdom doesn't seem to have anyone relevant enough that one guy around YC1 level would have trouble even if they had an army.

I guess Big Mom children did something similar right? Germa 66 too and Revo army...
With the hype behind them, via dragon's convo with ivankov, 1 HK & a few Marine ships would be enough.

Yeah a lot of these kingdoms have fodder as soldiers. That's why they have the Marines and WG protecting them

CoC: Color of Clowns

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@EmperorKinyagi Maybe I'm being deluded but Luffy resorting to using G5 so quickly due to getting bodied in G4 is no a good sign for luffybros ngl
My entire argument against Luffy winning in a 1v1 revolved around his cooldowns. He already used up some Haki with Gear 4, and now he's already in G5?

Like, how many minutes does Gear 5 last in this situation?

Gear 5 Luffy will do some serious damage, and then we'll see Kizaru get serious with Awakening. If Luffy goes out of Gear 5 before he can handle Kizaru, he's going to need protection.

Zoro better hurry up skinning that cat.
Yeah, and Luffy literally died, so much more than that.

And no, Kaido vs G4 and Kaido vs G5 were pretty short fights. You can see it, especially with G5.
Of course they were short fights Kaido was already gassed by the time Luffy used his final Gear 4, it was stated multiple times by Yamato. Not remotely comparable situations.
For all we know the final blow was the limb tearing one, forcing Kuzan to finally go down

that is still a 10 day extreme diff battle
Kizaru is above Kuzan

Stop this foolishness please
Kuzan needs help to handle old garp
Kizaru is matching fs-adcoc-g4 (who's above old garp)
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