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Reminder that Laido had to use a specific drunk form to stop getting bullied by Snakeman
Kizaru > hybrid Kaido without drunk modes is already confirmed
Yeah ; Let's see :

-> Kizaru clapped snakeman that Luffy needed to use his strongest form Gear 5th ...

-> Hybrid Kaido thinks that Gear 2sd , 3rd Luffy can go toe to toe with him which means :
No Magma flame No Drunk Form Hybrid Kaido ≃ Gear 2sd , Gear 3rd Luffy

-> Luffy still had a Gear which is stronger than what he had shown before named Gear 4th ; while also Kaido has stronger forms and in the end Luffy died against the second strongest attack in Drunk Form and overall it's the third strongest attack :
<< Thunder below Bagua >>

-> Kaido's strength in Tiers would be :

Magma Like Flame Kaido > Drunk Forms > Hybrid Kaido > Base Kaido > Dragon Form Kaido .
The Highlight is :

> Magma Like Flame Kaido matched Gear 5th Luffy's strongest attack .

> Drunk Forms wasted Gear 4th Luffy .

> Gear 2sd + 3rd Luffy matched Hybrid Kaido .

> Kizaru so far has shown three forms :
Awakened Kizaru > Swordman Kizaru ( an imperial japanese weapon ) > Base Kizaru ( using lasers and kicks ... ) .
> Kizaru in his base clapped snakeman Luffy and pushed him to use Gear 5th that was needed for Drunk Form Kaido and his ultimate form .

Just with the info that Hybrid Kaido thinks Gear 2sd + 3rd Luffy is on his level while snakeman got clapped by Base Kizaru ; it means :

1/ Base Kizaru > Hybrid Kaido per feats
; Drunk form Kaido needed his third strongest attack to end things for good :

Flaming Bagua > Death Destroyer Bagua > Thunder below Bagua .

2/ Kizaru still has his swordmanship and his awakening .

1+2 = Kizaru is HIM ; Yonko fans need to know that Kizaru is pushing Kaido beyond Drunk Form since the dude needs his 3rd strongest attack while kizaru wasted him in his base .

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They fought very well, but the end result is a total domination of one side and scarring for another. Akainu was in a position to spare Kuzan's life, he wasn't passing out afterwards. This wasn't some Luffy vs Kaido.
How do you know Akainu didn’t pass out afterwards? It’s clear from what we’re told and shown this fight is as Close as fights get.
The thing that ultimately frustrates me about Marijoa stuff though is why arent people like Kong doing anything either lol. Brosef's been missing for 600 chapters lmao
Kong is older than freaking Sengoku at this point lol, just a political figure.
Oda needed someone as fleet admiral from the past so he made Kong, but i doubt he'll ever be relevant outside of flashbacks and exposition.
Let's see if Kaido vs Kizaru will be the new Doflamingo vs Cracker or Doflamingo vs Katakuri discussions.
It won't be

Kaido is wsc, top 1 ...fought many people at once , beat luffy many times.
Something Doffy couldn't do
Doffy never defeated g4! Never outlasted g4 (plot saved him)

Also Kizaru isn't doing something kaido can't do
While Cracker did what Doffy couldn't do

Gorosei Informer

People are in too deep the powerscaling agendas

So they only want Zoro to finish Lucci fast to be comparable to Luffy

i would rather have an enjoyable fight to read / watch

same thing here with Luffy vs Kizaru
Yeah I can completely agree with that. Finishing the fight fast would be too dull and exactly the criticism of Zoro fights/moments where he just instantly slashes someone and wins. I rather a back and forth, with some epic acrobatics from Lucci and some crazy slashes and high speed/octane action lol.

I don't have a lot of faith in Oda to deliver this but if he does, all the better ofc. That guy who has been doing his own animations for Luffy vs Lucci for example is probably bound to give us something amazing for Zoro and Lucci too hopefully:

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