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Kizaru was called a monster too.
A long-standing relationship with rival Sakazuki

This is what volume 1000 says about Kuzan: A monster recruit who doesn't even
need to be taught (just getting scolded)

Akainu, also known as Sakazuki, enlisted in the army two years before Kuzan, and although his age is slightly different, he is also called a monster recruit just like Kuzan.
He enlisted in the Navy 30 years ago at the age of 18. At that time, he
was called a "monster recruit" and was taught from the beginning.

Kizaru never got called Monster recruit
What are you even on about at this point lmfao?!

We talked about FS visions - both Shanks and Luffy saw visions of attacks fucking them up.

Shanks response -> stopping that attack -> 0.5 shotting Kidd.
Luffy's response -> "A big attack is incoming!!" -> nothing else since Hakai seemed to be something too much for Luffy for whatever reasons. And no, simple dodging wouldn't do it either; the attack covered the entire battlefield.

What's so difficult to understand about?
Shanks saw way ahead of time than compared to kata and Luffy.
Kata saw pudding in FS but couldn't reach her , Luffy saw Hakai coming but couldn't do anything. And in terms of speed Luffy should be better than both , shanks crossed a good enough distance to deal with kid.

Like Adcoc are at different level for different character and same goes for AdCoA , same should apply to adCoO. Luffy tapped into FS already yet was trying to reach kata level.
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