One Piece Chapter 1092: The Rampage Incident of Tyrant Kuma in the Holy Land

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Luffy remained immediately weaker than most villains he defeated...99% of people in the fandom will 100% tell you that post-Dressrosa Luffy loses to Doflamingo.

Oda has Kaido fight numerous gauntlets and carry an island for a reason, so that Luffy could defeat him.
Some people only start saying that shit post time skip because how the fight get done but luffy still wins the same way he has during the whole manga .
He over power his opponents attack and beat them , no matter how many time he get KO etc etc always end the same way .
Kizaru couldn't even one shot G4 which base Kaido did casually lmao

Luffy not using ACoC buries any AssmiraL agenda, get over it.
Mind you Kizaru also had the advantage of the laser dome he hit him into lol .
The fight now start with luffy going G5 people just enjoy instead power scaling after a few panels lols .

CoC: Color of Clowns

Makin' Bacon Pancakes
Vivi is probably near Egghead, so the possibility of Vivi getting Kuma's fruit could happen.:pepebusi:
Come on, Morgans! Go where the Big News is!

I think Vivi will just steal his ship, though, and hold Morgans hostage to force him to go to Egghead.

Vivi returns to the crew by stealing a ship, an act of piracy. I wonder if Morgans' ship could carry the Sunny?