One Piece Chapter 1092: The Rampage Incident of Tyrant Kuma in the Holy Land

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Meh chapter. The Luffy vs. Kizaru fight is not entertaining. All other SHs are sidelined and out of the story. This has been going on for way way too long. The Akainu monologue was the only thing of interest. It seemed like a foreshadowing of either something bad happening to Akainu or the parallel that Akainu and the other admirals are nothing more than mindless, soulless, puppets of the CDs or something good (recovery) coming to Kuma.
Luffy was gauging Kizaru's strength it seems and is now serious enough for drums to start playing. Lucci was him styling on a much weaker opponent, but the real fight starts now.

Stocks are rising on a Grand Fleet bailout with a 5 star wanted level chase to the Land of Giants