One Piece Chapter 1092: The Rampage Incident of Tyrant Kuma in the Holy Land

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Nahh Bro
are you serious?, haha this is a world of fiction, Kizaru, moving at the speed of light already breaks the rules because no object with mass can reach 100% of the speed of light, but I repeat, FICTION, you are really bringing the logic to OP? to One Piece?!!

That in a fictional world exceeding the speed of light is not possible and would be strange? you must not know dragon ball
Is he considered to be an “object with mass”? I was under the assumption when he moves at light speed it’s bc he becomes light itself
So, about Kuma/ the God's Knights actually do any security around Mariejoia or what?
Yeah, but they're most definitely saved for later. Oda just wanted to show Kuma successfully crossing Red Line. He obviously wouldn't be able to do it if the God's Knights were there.

As for why they didn't move against the Revo army is a mystery. Just like why Dragon didn't go to Marijeois with his commanders.

The drums of liberation is only luffys heartbeat. More intense fights make luffys heart beat harder which makes the drums louder. Giant couldn’t hear it the first time
Fair enough. I'd forgot this was only his heartbeat becoming a symphony. Even though this doesn't change much of what I said to be honest.
So um I had idea that gear 5 luffy would eat lighting to get more powerful but now he just ate kizarus light beam, was not expecting that:lumazed: