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Will Sanji vs Saturn happen?

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Ask your new friends, in here the cook is invincible, faster than light and has the best observation haki in the story, Oda refusing to give him any portrayal against top tier characters is apparently... irrelevant.
Again WTF does any of that have to do with the first post you quoted? What are you even talking about? I made a statement, you quoted it not responding to it at all just spewing nonsense. And here you are quoting me again spewing more off topic banter. What's the point of even quoting me? You could not quote me and bash Sanji if that makes you feel better. It's not relevant to what I was talking about and it's also not relevant to what I asked you.

So one more time before I ignore you for good. Let's take into account we haven't even seen the chapter. You are apart of reaction piece cause you are jumping out the window from spoilers without seeing the raws at all. Once again what according to what happened in the spoilers should Sanji have done? In an enclosed space with Vegapunk in a tube providing transport to their next destination while Luffy was fighting Kizaru.
Luffy tells Lucci not to go after his crew and tells Lucci he can't beat him.

Luffy doesn't say to Lucci don't go after my crew because Zoro is around.

In fact the moment Luffy went to deal with the biggest threat Kizaru Lucci has such little respect for Zoro he started to attack people while he was there lol.
"lol" if you want the rest of the panels that show how much Lucci respects Luffy you only need to ask. :myman:


He respected Luffy enough to be to scared to attack anyone while Luffy was around.

He blocked Zoro's attacks and wasn't even scared of Zoro he even said now him and Kizaru had teamed up they were finished meaning. He put himself on Zoro's level and Kizaru on Luffy's lol.

Actions speak louder than words.
Headcanon. Lol
Kizaru haven't said shit about Zoro till now.
If Zoro wasn't there , And Kizaru showed up , Lucci still would have attacked. And it's Luffy choice if he can save or not lmao.
Zoro protected someone there who isn't of the crew.
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