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Will Sanji vs Saturn happen?

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Kitetsu Wanker
@nik87 seems like Puffy isn't strong enough for Kizaru. Hurry Zoro and beat Lucci, you gotta take over.
My predictions are coming true, chapter after chapter. :jordanmf:
Last time I called that neither were using aCoC.
This time I called that Kizaru can multiply himself, years ago.

Yes, Puffy cannot beat Kizaru. The man didnt even get warm yet and uses nameless moves.
It is obvious that the reason why Kizaru isnt showing off yet is because he is meant to do it against someone else.
Whether Zoro vs Kizaru happens on Egghead or elsewhere, it is happening. I think Egghead is the perfect spot tho.

What can he do that Luffy can't Lik?

Luffy neg diff'd Lucci and Lucci was to scared to fight Luffy again afterwards.

Zoro can't neg Lucci as shown in this chapter.
He can beat a cat without going into God mode like Luffy who couldnt 3 shot the cat even with god mode.
You think when Zoro is finished with the cat, cat will stand up right away and say: I dont recognize Zoro as a Yonko? :crazwhat:

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
  • "Luffy in base can ragdoll Kizaru"
  • "Okay I was wrong but Snakeman will easily handle Kizaru speed!"
  • "Okay Kizaru may have one shotted G4, but G5 will toon diff him!"
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  • "Okay for real this time, G5 still can't get Kizaru out of troll mode but adCOC is totally going to one shot him! Forget Kizaru casually stopping the same advCOC kick that had Kaido vomit his guts"
Yonko fans are really going through the five stages of grief right now lol.


“It’s not AdCoC!!”

“Luffy got nerfed to WCI level!!

“The editor promised me Kizaru would lose in chapter 1093!!”


French yonko fan reacts to Kizaru's 8/10 rating

"It's fucking shit, fuck your mother Oda"

@Kurozumi Wiwi @Elder Lee Hung @MarineHQ etc :kobeha:



Durableguy said:
Oh well. I have like 200 other manga to read. I'm dropping this!

Congrats on the win lee, kinyagi and other dudes. I'm out.

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