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Will Sanji vs Saturn happen?

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That’s Luffys fault isn’t it?
He ain’t underestimating Kizaru at all, he’s probably using all but Oda isn’t drawing it out.

Now think about it, wouldn’t it be stupid from Luffys part to STILL be holding back that much? I mean he IS being bullied

not to mention Luffy was clowning Kaidou at the start and we didn’t see AdvCoC when he took Kaido for a spin like a jump rope.

See how that works? Not all the time will it be drawn out
Oh lord the invisible ACoC argument again
Remember when he used Snakeman on him for the gatling? And right now I would ask, why is Luffy creating distance between Kizaru and the people Kizaru is trying to kill... and why would he throw a Devil Fruit user into the ocean?
Because Oda is stalling and luffy wants to keep Kizaru away but bigger reason is Oda stalling .
What happen this chapter is the same thing happen last chapter with Kizaru and luffy .
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