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Why did Saturn transform?

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King of Huff would have lost to Apoo if it wasn’t for Ryuuma’s genes 😭
goofy if not for gesus no mi power should have died 4 times during Onigashima,
the ass shield mvp plot point were so bad that even casual reader were ashamed, failing down to the sea to just randomly getting pick up by a submarine at the exact time he touched the sea water of course the most ass is his gesu gesu no mi instead of his well known gomu gomu no mi for over 1k chapters:suresure:
It’s kind of ridiculous. AdvCoC barely seems to be any different from CoA when Zoro uses it… He’s essentially the weakest AdvCoC user in the series. His CoA must be pure trash

CoC: Color of Clowns

Fisher Tiger the GOAT
S-Snake will save Luffy

The whole arc we've been told that clones cannot resist their original nature, and will eventually fall into it.

We've already seen this with S-Snake, and we'll see it with S-Bear, too, I imagine.

Since S-Hawk just... wants to swordfight, as far as we know, I doubt he'll turn, and we don't really know about Jinbei at this point. When he was younger, he was more racist towards humans, so S-Shark is a bit of a wild card.

I think Laffitte will kidnap Robin, and Catarina will transform into Saturn to command the Seraphim after she, Laffitte, or I guess York free them with a Bubble Gun.

BUT only S-Shark and S-Hawk will listen, and S-Bear will run off towards Bonney, while S-Snake will run off towards Luffy.

It's so nice I don't have to worry about Luffy doing any sus shit because he doesn't give a shit about sex (I don't know if he knows what sex is, honestly).
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